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In difficult times, stay connected to what gives meaning…

Yogalife is committed to its community and determined to find creative methods to continue sharing the knowledge of Yoga: our distant learning is not just the online feed. It is experiential with exercises that creates engagement and participation as we would be live. The feedback is being great!

So the registrations for our further Teacher Training, Advanced Trainings as well as Retreats continue open.

Stay still and keep moving!


Worldwide Recognition

With 20 years as a world leader in yogic study, Yogalife is recognized for its yoga teacher training courses, including an advanced program sought after by teachers from across the globe.

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Personal Development

Only when the mind is clear, clean, and in harmony can it transmit pure knowledge to the world around. Yogalife yoga teacher training courses focus on your own personal development and guides you toward becoming an inspiration to your students and to the world.

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History of Yogalife

Established in 1999, Yogalife has been a leader in training yoga teachers. We trained more then 1600 teachers. Today we are running more then 10 Teacher Training Courses every year. Take this opportunity to learn from master yoga teachers.

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Why Learn With Us?

International School

The long journey of Yogalife started many years ago, in Rajasthan. Since then, it has spread across the globe. Yogalife courses, classes, and retreats are now available in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, France, and India.

Over 1000 Graduates

More than 1,000 yoga students, from more than 30 countries, have graduated from our teacher training courses.

World Class Educators

All Yogalife teachers are experienced and well-versed in yogic philosophy. They have been spreading yoga internationally for many years and have made it their life’s work to deepen their knowledge by experiencing different cultures. Yogalife team members went further in developing specific skill sets that make them masters in their field. Our teachers include fitness trainers, nurses, physiotherapists, doctors, and psychologists. Their experiences give them the ability to bridge the gap between modern and ancient sciences.
“What you know is limited. When you step into the unknown, you tap into the infinite.” – Sanjeev Bhanot

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