Heal Joints & Muscles

Experience the healing and deepening effects of Antastha Yoga Malish. Created by veteran yoga teacher Sanjeev Bhanot, Yoga Malish takes you to new places in yoga and a new connection with your body, while healing and rejuvenating joints and muscles.

Yoga Malish

Antastha Yoga Malish

Antastha Yoga Malish is one of the series of Antastha Yoga. It is an Indian massage technique based on the tradition of the Akharas, the ancient physical & spiritual training centers. This practice for healing and flexibility uses self massage done in a warm room with ayurvedic oil while practicing a specially selected yoga postures. This combination gives you a new unexpected flexibility that lets you glide into the asanas. It improves your blood circulation, relieves pain, helps in conditions like arthritis while the ayurvedic oil benefits your skin!

Yoga Malish

In Indian tradition there is a system called akharas. In this system which seems to be established circa 2500BCE in India. It seems that Adi Shankracharya started Akhara system, he established around 7 Akharas. It is known as Dasnami. In this system young man would go for training of wrestling with Guru´s who might later become the warriors to protect dharma. Besides learning to wrestle they are also very particular about their diet and exercises. They wrestle in the mud and one of a very important part of the their daily routine is called malish(massage). This is a very important part where they help the body to heal from on going injuries and give you flexibilities. This method allows another depth in yoga and gives you a great deal of flexibility.
Gives you great del relief from pain and helps in conditions like arthritis improves blood circulations and ayurvedic oil help you to maintain you skin quality too.

How does this work

Yoga Malish works on superficial and deeper connective tissues and joints. This helps in relaxing muscle and improves blood circulations. This then helps to recreation and healing in the body. The touch movement reduces the feeling of the pain in the body since it affects nervous system helps. Once the massage starts this then activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This also stimulates the vagus nerve it slows down the heart rate and breathing rate. In the Yoga Malish process. Massage give by ne self or by some one else faster and firmer strokes allow increase in blood circulation and stimulation on the localized region.  Which then allows a more flexible and agile joints. 

After the massage sequeances of the asana´s help take the effect to the deeper serface where normal massage does not reach.

Postures like Ardhamatsyandra asana gomukha asana and dhanura asana affect all the vital organs increasing the vitality and function of the body with more balanced effectiveness.  It seems Yoga Malish causes the release of endorphins, which are also none as happy hormones and body’s natural pain killing opiates.

What do you need

  • Please wear cloths that keep your shoulders and thighs exposed. Best is to wear 2 peace or one peace swimming costume.
  • One big (beach) towel and one small towel.
  • One yoga mat.
  • Since process involves oil massage one needs to wear cloths which you do not mind getting some of the oil on them.

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