Unravel Yoga

The word ‘yoga’ comes from Sanskrit and means ‘yoke’ or ‘to unite’. Yoga is a physical, spiritual and meditative practice that helps us to cultivate unity and equilibrium between the physical body and the mind; it has ability to bring calm and equanimity to our daily lives.

However successful one’s existence in material terms, there is the chance that, day to day, one feels that there is something missing. What exactly it is that’s not there may be hard to pinpoint; one merely experiences an ongoing feeling of discontentment. Perhaps this manifests as a sense of aimlessness or irritability, or an awareness of being ‘a bit lost’. Existentialist angst, the feeling of ‘what’s the point of it all, anyway?’, is an extreme example of this.


So, if you feel lost or discontented, you may find that yoga has the answer: that this ancient, disciplined and beautiful practice can provide the inner calm that you have been looking for. Even if you come to yoga for the physical practice alone, as many do, the physical asana practice is a gateway into the spiritual and meditative sides of yoga.

Your Path to RYT 500


the foundation of Yoga

yogalife teacher training – 200 hrs.

Yogic Studies & Sadhana

advanced immersion teacher training – 100 hrs.

anatomy of the body in yoga

anatomy teacher training – 100 hrs.

Consciousness & Yogic sleep

yoga nidra training – 60 hrs.

Yoga Coaching

master training – 40 hrs.

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