Sanjeev Bhanot

Founder Yogalife

Sanjeev started teaching yoga in 1992 and established Yogalife in 1999. He used life’s challenges and decades of experience to polish his teaching style and grow Yogalife.

Students remember Sanjeev because of his skilled eyes. Sanjeev can spot a person with problems in their neck, shoulder or any part of the body. He finds the issues, both physical and psychological, and has a large set of yoga tools to solve any problem.

Sanjeev has developed different teaching methods with his knowledge of the ancient scriptures and implements them in today’s life. His understanding can be experienced in Sanjeev’s self-created method Antastha Yoga. Sanjeev also worked and reinvented Yoga Malish, an ancient science for strength and flexibility. This method is highly appreciated by yogis.

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