Purusharthas WORKSHOPS

You are bliss and happiness discovered through Vedanta.

Are you ready to let go of the struggle and live the life you were born to lead? Then, this magical weekend workshop is for you. Join us on a journey to look within and learn how you can consciously make changes in order to live a life of ease.

The Four Purusharthas

Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha

Knowing or clarifying where you are heading will give you the turbo charge needed to move towards your purpose. Clarity of purpose gives you a boost to move forward, helps you see the resources you have, and helps you identify the ones you need. Knowing what makes you happy and allows you to focus on your true purpose.

You will step back from your daily life to discover what makes you truly happy and sets you free. Guided by the four Purusharthas (ultimate goals) of life according to Vedantic tradition—Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha—you will systematically identify what is important on your path. You’ll then learn how to embrace it in your life.

The process combines ancient yogic philosophy with the power of the modern Antastha Yoga techniques to create powerful personal transformation.

You Will

Find your potential

To know you are the creator of your own universe will empower you to see the resources you have and help you to build the most desirable life, full of happiness. We consider this your essential essence, or purest potential, and our whole process, principally based on Vedanta, will guide you to connect with it.

Transform breakdowns into breakthroughs

Understanding where you are today and what resources you have will help you understand that you are the one creating all of this: You are the creator of your life. Your changed mindset will help you to see the potential in all challenges, and appreciate every difficulty as an opportunity for growth.

Align with your natural energy flow

Once you are connected with your own innate energy, you no longer need to struggle to grow. Prosperity and abundance will manifest.

Connect with a dynamic learning community

We believe that we go further together. With the support of an inclusive group, you’ll be empowered to move forward from a safe foundation.

Recognise your innate strengths

Having an understanding of your strengths and weakness will make any transition in your life fearless. Once you connect with your innate powers, you’ll eliminate your energy drains, and find ways to do more of the things you love.

Deepen your relationships

You will learn how to create an intentional dialogue in all your relationships, break out of old patterns, and find flow and ease. By embracing your own true self, you’ll empower others to be who they truly are.

Create habits which elevate you

By ditching self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, you’ll clear space for a new way of living. Your new, empowering habits will breathe life and spirit into your existence.

Upcoming Purusharthas Workshop

Date: 16th February 2019

Time: 14:00 to 16:30

Price: €75

Studio Yoga Flame
Boulevard de Grancy 1
1006 Lausanne

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Outline of the Workshop


Align our expectations

This special weekend workshop is a wonderful opportunity for introspection and learning how each of us can consciously take action in order to live a life of ease, based on principles from ancient yoga traditions combined with the practice of the modern Antastha Yoga techniques.

In this first module, together, we will look at what you can expect from the weekend and how this will benefit you.


Introduction into the 4 Purusharthas

Sanjeev will talk about the four Purusharthas: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, which are, in Vedic philosophy, seen as the goals of human existence.

With help of different yoga techniques, he will guide the group to find answers: Let’s look within, deep inside ourselves, dig in, introspect and discover. Self-knowledge is the start of such fundamental questions; the ancient yoga scriptures help us to conduct this inquiry into the four Purusharthas of life.


Dharma, Discovering my Purpose

To understand your purpose, you need to know how to hear your inner voice and how to connect with your heart. Once we know where your heart is we will be able to align your whole life to reach ultimate joy and satisfaction. During Purushartha workshops and retreats, we create that safe and quite space that allows to you access your innermost voices.


Artha, Managing the Energies

Vedantic knowledge teaches us to be aware of our riches in life and helps us to understand the resources at our disposal. This instantly fills our treasures and self worth. Through the discovery process, we will see how to manage that abundance and channel it in the right direction to improve our quality of life and fulfill our purpose.


Kama, Living Life with Pleasure

We will explore the five senses given to us to enjoy the pleasures and luxuries of life, which most of the time gets hijacked by our mind. This lack leaves us hungry for more. The exploration of karma is the part where learn how to enjoy life that is complete with contentment and happiness.


Moksha, Stepping into Freedom

Moksha means liberation and freedom from all limitations. Liberation is not a posthumous state that is reached later after death, but is a state achieved here in this lifetime. During this module, we will turn our minds away from all other activities and start a deep-rooted introspection to realize our basic essence. This then will give us wings to reach the ultimate freedom of life.  

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