Science of the breath

04 Sep 2020 – 10 Sep 2020 • FEW SPOTS LEFT

40 hrs. Pranayama training COURSE, IBIZA

Pranayama is way more than breathing

The yogic approach to the breath comprehends much more than just the intake of oxygen in our bodies… it goes beyond the techniques of learning how to control the breath – with a deeper understanding of Pranayama we can calm and balance our mind, cool or heat our body and learn to manage our Life Force: the sentence “Energy follows Awareness” becomes experience. Start the journey that will, eventually, lead you to tap in to the Truth of your real nature, your true Self.

The conscious regulation of the breath can increase your Life Force while helping to focus the mind and relax the body. Pranayama creates harmony at all levels: physical, mental and spiritual. The body will feel the impact of the chosen technique (cool down or heating, relaxing or activating). The Mind will feel the impact becoming calm and focused, allowing the flow of thoughts to pass by. Spiritually, we will feel in connection to the universe. The Union of Body, mind and Soul happens at once, within minutes.

This training designed for anyone who wants to learn techniques and skills in pranayama for your own daily practice and also for yoga teachers who are already experienced in the mastery of asanas and meditation. The immediate impact on your mind and body that breathing can have, will change your life quality instantly!

During this training, you will learn

  • Anatomy & Physiology of the Breath: how our breath works in our body, how Prana impact on Nervous System
  • Breath and Mind
  • Prana Vidya
  • Dimensions of Prana
  • Master alternate Ratios
  • Master Kumbakha
  • 5 Major Pranas (10 Vayus)
  • 5 Subpranas (Upaprana)
  • Mudras
  • Deepening in different Kriyas

Experience instant outcome

Help yourself and your students to manage some of the most common health challenges today, applying the science of the breath.
Experience instant outcome: in less then minutes, you (or your students) will be able to sense the genuine positive mind-body results. With a clear understanding of time and technique you will be able to create an immediate positive feedback in yourself and the ones that are experiencing heathy challenges.

Tools that are in you

Breath is our natural born gift. It is in you! The most precious and powerful tool lies “dormant” in our body. You will learn the why’s and how’s to awaken the “magic”. Learning about the breath is something that every human being needs to do: be you one of the very much needed persons that use and can spread this knowledge. It requires no previous experience, no special equipment, can be done in every space and every virtually.

Breathing is for everybody

Obviously! Regardless age or health conditions, everybody benefits from proper breathing. In the Advanced Training you’ll learn to gather understanding on the functions of the nervous system like stress response, sleep quality and energy management which will allow you to improve quality life in so many levels. Manage over our breathing can help you improve digestion, reduce insomnia, lower stress, anxiety, and overwhelm and even help you overcome fear of public speaking or approaching to others.

A Primordial Science

The primary goal of yoga is to unite. Therefore, we need to know ourselves, intimately and truthfully. Though, there are so many facts we ignore about ourselves… did you know that breathing can change your blood PH within minutes? No food, exercise or medication acts as fast. The knowledge about the Science of the Breath exists over 5.000 years in the yogic teachings, though in the last 100 years the scientific research started to “prove” the results.

04 Sep 2020 – 10 Sep 2020 • FEW SPOTS LEFT

40 hrs. Pranayama training COURSE, IBIZA

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04 Sep 2020 – 10 Sep 2020 • FEW SPOTS LEFT

40 hrs. Pranayama training COURSE, IBIZA

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