Patrick De Vleeschauwer

Yogi, Psychologist

Patrick is a Yoga Psychologist, lecturer and researcher who dedicated his life to the fusion of cutting-edge emotion psychology, the neurosciences of consciousness and the meditative traditions of yoga. He has a lifelong yoga- and meditation practice and has been participating for thousands of hours in lectures, yoga teachers trainings and yoga programs in Europe and India.

Patrick wrote two books about emotional learning – the unthinkable meta-skill we need the most to grow and find meaning in the twenty-first century. His first book The Ultimate Challenge (2009, in Dutch) is about learning to create and maintain a healthy mind. His second one, soon to be published: The Unbroken Emotions, is about learning to create meaningful emotions and compose a beautiful mind with the psychological power of consciousness.

Our mind is the most powerful, and yet, the most unknown instrument. We are making use of only a fraction of our mental universe. Chronic stress has reached epidemic proportions and the biggest health threats facing the world are depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and burn-out. Patrick is offering a solution from the perspective of Yoga Psychology.

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