Mironel De Wilde

Yogi, World Traveller & Film-maker

Mironel is an open-hearted and deeply spiritual yoga teacher. Naturally articulate and with a soothing voice, he has a gift for expressing himself wonderfully with words. Mironel was inspired by the deep centering he felt during his first yoga class, and knew instantly that yoga would be a big part of his life.

He uses yoga to balance yin and yang energies, and combines Eastern and Western wisdom. The form of tantra yoga Mironel has practised for the past 18 years has inspired him to explore the connections between everything, the mind and the body, the human being and the universe. He believes we can use these connections to reach greater happiness and harmony.

Born in the Netherlands, Mironel grew up in Canada, but has lived an international life since his journey into yoga began.

He spent many months in India by the Ganges river in Rishikesh exploring the depths of yoga philosophy and practice. He studied Thai Yoga Massage in Thailand. In 2004, he brought his practice to Europe where he began giving workshops and working on a documentary film about yoga. 

Through this he met Sanjeev Bhanot, who became his mentor. Mironel went back to India to do Sanjeev’s Yogalife Teacher Training Course which greatly developed his practical knowledge. He has also studied Nonviolent Communication in depth and adds this to his teachings and workshop schedule. Mironel is devoted to sharing what he has learned and practiced and – when he is not travelling – he teaches at Yogalife Teacher Training in Geneva among others.

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