Yogalife Teacher Training – Part 1

This blogpost is a translation from the text written by our student Lene. She attended the Teacher Training Course in Bonn, Germany and gave us permission to post the translation on our website. We are very grateful to share her experience with you. You can find the original text, in German, here: https://lenelieberunperfekt.blogspot.com/2018/05/yoga-teacher-training-teil-1.html

I will Become A Yoga Teacher

Sitting in front of a piece of white paper and trying to put into words what makes you feel incredible from top to bottom seems strange. I’m usually not lost for words and I love expressing my thoughts that way. Now, I am learning something beyond words, which impresses me, moves me, makes me thoughtful and happy. I will become a yoga teacher. I was so looking forward to this training, fully confident that this will be a wonderful trip. Nevertheless –and I’ve learned that before—this trip is so full of surprises and is completely different than what I imagined. I love this surprise! I am learning to get involved with something new, to question all my beliefs, and to see the world in a new light.


In meditation I become one with everything around me.

I feel for myself what it means to be mindful and to accept the signs that are given to me and to respond to them. I can feel that I can respond to my emotional suffering with physical activity and that my physical suffering is cured by dealing with my mind. In meditation, I completely dissolve and become one with everything around me. This sounds esoteric and strange, but it’s such an immediate experience that I may even have an idea of how it is to die. And how beautiful that is. Meditation is a celebration of the moment and as I’ve practiced for a while, and now this practice is bearing fruit and I feel: There is nothing better!

Everything is as it is supposed to be.

It is interesting to see outsiders’ reactions when I tell them that I am doing this training. They think I’m getting more and more agile, being able to do more and more complicated poses and can soon start in a gym and make a living. Maybe I’ll get a sexy “yoga body”? Can anyone imagine that?

And that’s not what it’s all about. I have written about yoga many times and what it means to me, but it’s never a complete description. And the one thing that yoga is not about is the goal to be more flexible. Or to lose weight. Or to become more beautiful. It’s about recognizing that everything is exactly as it is supposed to be.


Becoming an Authentic Yoga teacher

The movements are a means on the way to self-knowledge. They make us feel that we are one with our environment, that body and mind are inseparable and that it pays off to look inside one’s self and to not seek answers on the outside, but within. It is worth asking about the meaning of life, turning your head off and listening to your heart until the answer comes by itself. It’s worth accepting that we have no control over our lives and we can shape and tell our story ourselves. For what goes on in our mind is always just a story, always just an image of what is. And this image can have many different colors. Sometimes it distorts in one direction, and then different in another.

In this training, we learn that our own story is important for us as a yoga teacher. Without this story and our confrontation with it we cannot be authentic teachers, we would lack the compassion for our students. Without the element of surprise we might never decide to do certain things, but once we get thrown into the deep end, we just start swimming and that feeling is incredibly beautiful. We learn that we can do much more than what we have believed, we develop a new self-confidence.

We All Share The Same Journey

And the best thing about everything is what happens between us. That within a matter of hours, strangers become close confidants, in whose community one can feel completely free and immediately feel that all are at ease with each other and meet each other with love. All of us are at a similar point in our lives and have the privilege of sharing this journey. And that binds us together so that we are all completely overwhelmed. I hardly know you and I love every one of you. In this community, I can find my true vocation and gain the strength I have sought for so long. Thank you so much for that!

Your Path to RYT 500


the foundation of Yoga

yogalife teacher training – 200 hrs.

Yogic Studies & Sadhana

advanced immersion teacher training – 100 hrs.

anatomy of the body in yoga

anatomy teacher training – 100 hrs.

Consciousness & Yogic sleep

yoga nidra training – 60 hrs.

Yoga Coaching

master training – 40 hrs.

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