200h Yoga Teacher Training

The Foundation of Yoga

06 Mar 2020 – 14 Jun 2020

200 hrs. Yoga Teacher Training


18 Sep 2020 – 17 Jan 2021



Become a Certified Yoga Teacher

You probably have been going to regular Yoga classes for a while and slowly started to discover how much of a positive impact this has on your life.

Gradually, what at first seemed just to be physical exercises started opening up your mind and heart. You long to deepen your Yogic path and the exploration of yourself further by starting a Yoga Teacher Training.

That is a wonderful idea which will turn out to be one of the greatest gifts you can ever grant yourself.

What Students Have To Say

I came out from the training as a different person – I could discover my inner self, I finally understood my biggest struggles in life, I learnt ways to fight them, I built up my self confidence, I deepened my yoga knowledge, I got a huge new experience and I decided to change my life completely thanks to all the inspiration I got from wonderful teachers I was lucky to have in Yogalife. I can’t express all the gratitude I have towards them! Thank you again and again. I love all of you.

Elena Dany

I loved the TTC with Yogalife! The quality of the teaching was incredible! The whole TTC experience with Yogalife has been a wonderful journey where I got to learn more about yoga but most importantly about myself. A true life-changing experience!

Silvia Paleari

Students give Yogalife an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Check out the Yogalife page at Yoga Alliance for more reviews.

What You Will Learn

How to Teach a Yoga Class

To teach a yoga class with understanding and confidence, you need different skill sets. Yogalife’s teacher training program prepares you to know your clients’ needs and design and deliver a class effectively.

Here are the few main points you will be learning in the teachers training course:

You will go all the way through a yoga class sequence. Starting from the welcome, through the different aspects, to the finish.

Yoga Philosophy

From Vedanta to Patanjali, you will be introduced to yogic scriptures and philosophies. What makes it most appealing is that you will learn how these ancient secrets can be used to transform every student you are going to teach, in very pragmatic and practical way. Philosophy studies are explored in a way that will stimulate you if you are a thinker and will excite you if you are more pragmatic in your approach to life.

Specifically you will be learning Yoga Sutra’s, Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali, and Purushartha from the Vedanta.

Build Confidence

You already have a yoga teacher in you and Yogalife provides a safe and open platform to discover that yoga teacher. All Yogalife teachers trainees we will have a chance to perform as a teacher from day one. During these learning sessions, you will be provided personalized coaching and feedback to help make you an effective speaker and communicator to transfer yogic processes to your clients. You will be guided through the steps that will increase your confidence to deliver a class.

By the end of the course, you would have taught at least ten times and you will be full of confidence and can teach any class without being nervous.


The Yogalife teacher training course has amazing anatomy teachers who are trained doctors and physiotherapists, as well as highly qualified fitness trainers. Knowing that everyone does not come from medical background, we’ve created anatomy programs which employ easy, fun ways to learn all you need to know about muscles, joints, bones, and tissues

You will learn the basics of anatomy, so that you can teach any client and recognize their unique physical needs. You will be able to explain how different postures help certain parts of the body. You will also be able design sessions for people with special needs, requirements, and limitations.

Asana Clinic

Yoga has a strong oral tradition. You will learn yoga from yogis who have been transferring this science from teacher to student. Not everything can be found in books. We are continuing this tradition in our Asana Clinic afternoon sessions, where we share with you smart corrections, which are little-known to rest of the yogic community. This gives Yogalife teachers an edge in this competitive world where clients are looking for fast and effective practices.

In the Asana Clinic, you will learn how to help people correctly and improve their posture.

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Meet the Instructors

What our students say of the TTC

We are grateful, honored – and very happy – to present the real-life experiences of one of our students, Lene, while her Yogalife Teacher Training in Bonn, Germany. We have been enjoying her narrative while the whole TTC, and thanks to her permission to translate them in English, we now can share them with all of you. Enjoy!

Silent Observation

Silent Observation

It feels so right for me and I feel so well cared for there that I can hardly wait for the Yogalife Teacher Training to continue.

I will become a yoga teacher

I will become a yoga teacher

I am learning to get involved with something new, to question all my beliefs, and to see the world in a new light.

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