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Yogalife Advanced Teacher Training / 10 Days Immersion for Yoga Teachers in Ibiza

06. to 15. September 2019

Yogalife Advanced Teacher Training / 10 Days Immersion for Yoga Teachers in Ibiza

This training has been designed including the meals throughout the training and a carefully chosen location of the venue in the north of Ibiza as well.

Beyond the physical aspects of yoga, our advanced teacher training presents a curriculum for you to genuinely learn and live the philosophy, mentality, and spirituality of yoga while connecting even deeper to your self. You will also take with you practical tools to apply in your path as a yoga instructor.

• Use advanced smart correction for big classes without interrupting the flow

• Gain Confidence and Mastery in your teaching skills

• Practical razor-sharp tools to coach your students to overcome barriers and reach their innate potential

• Delve deeper into the Mysteries of Mind reaching the ultimate happiness and peace through the Spirit

• Master your Breath holding, tame your Bandhas and channel and project your energies with strong hatha yoga daily routine

• Understand the mechanism of the 4 different kinds of Minds: Manas (the 8 Memories), Buddhi (Intellect), Ahankar (Ego) & Chitta-Mind - Methods to access your subconscious mind

• Chakra Shudhee (purification and activation) through Yoga Nidra

• Learn to design your retreat and workshop programs

• Expand your knowledge of Antastha Yoga, our signature style which is practiced blindfolded to help you connect with your inner sight. You will also be initiated in the powerful Antastha Kriya

• Ignite your consciousness through studies of advanced yoga scriptures such as the 4 stages of consciousness, widen your comprehension of the Upanishads

• Wonders and Limitations of the 5 senses.

• Yogic approach to our emotions to help people to overcome depression, burn out and stress

• Yogic Perspective on Emotions: learning to identify borrowed emotions

• Use the tools of Yoga to understand ailments, injuries, and imbalances in our students

• Apply the Yamas and Niyamas of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras to enhance your yoga practice off the mat

• Furthermore, you will be taken a further step to become an internationally recognized 500 hour certified Yoga Instructor since this 100 hrs count to the 300 hrs Yogalife program to RYT-500 (more info below)

Graduates that have previously completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance approved teacher-training program will be eligible for the Yoga Alliance 500-hour Yoga Teacher Registry (please be aware that you will also need 100 hrs of teaching experience to apply for the 500 RYT designation)

The program is limited to a certain amount of students ensuring personal care and attention.

Going a step further in our approach to Experimental Education: we see nutrition as just one dimension of the bigger picture of holistic nourishment. Throughout the Advanced Teacher Training, we will support you to nourish your whole being - through the food you eat and the way in which you feed your senses with sights, sounds, and sensations. You will become attuned to your body and its needs and learn how to provide all the nourishment it needs. 

In order to become an RYT 500, we offer our Advanced Yogic Studies in convenient different modules. This one is a 100 hrs Module of the RYT 300.

If you feel inspired to attend and you wish further details, pricing, how the modules work or for any question it might arise, please do contact Micaela: micaela@yogalife.org

We are looking forward to stepping together into a journey in which you can discover the best version of yourself while expanding your knowledge as a yoga teacher. 

We hope you’ll join us for these ten profound and joyful days.


06. to 15. September 2019
Starting on Friday and finishing on Sunday.

Arrival will be from 16:00 for a 19:00 start to the orientation and programme of classes.

Costs of the Course
Believing and investing in yourself is the best way to shift your thinking from a paradigm of excuses to one of solutions"

This ATTC is an immersion training, so it will include overnight as well as meals.

Prices will be uploaded soon, if you want to have any further information or you have any question, please send an email to micaela@yogalife.org

Yogalife offers discounted prices and payment options for Yogalife students and program participants (Yoga Nidra 60 hrs, Anatomy 100 hrs, and former 100 hrs courses in Goa)
If you are an Ibiza Resident, please do let us know.

The course fee includes registration fee, accommodation, 3 meals and tea breaks throughout the training. Flight tickets are not included. Transportation to the Venue on your own (we can help you arrange the transfers though)

All meals are veg & vegan, cooked with love by Vegan Life Ibiza right away in our kitchen in the Finca. Ingredients are local and carefully chosen, supporting the detoxing and deepening your experience of yoga.

The number of participants is limited!

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Can Luminosa enjoys a stunning position elevated on a mountain top in the north of Ibiza, close to San Lorenzo. The views are as breathtaking as you might imagine, across the island and to sparkling distant sea views. 

The expansive grounds of Can Luminosa allow you to sink in the natural beauty of the area. They include an infinity pool, outdoor yoga spaces, hammocks and even a “Magic Forest” – a private hillside woodland. Here you can take time to wander in the Meditation Maze with earthing pathways where you can walk barefoot, grounding and reconnecting with the Mother Nature. The forest mandalas encourage profound spiritual connection and healing. 

For chatting and relaxing with your fellow students, there are delightful communal spaces where you can either enjoy the vistas together or have moment of exchange about your yogic experiences. In the moments when you seek solitude, you’ll find many intimate corners for peaceful reflection, meditation or simply curling up with a book and your notes.

When the summer sunshine is intense, or the island is blessed by rain, we can retreat to the beautiful, airy indoor yoga shala which is an inviting and scenic space for yoga and meditation. 

Can Luminosa is the ideal space to detox your mind & body and concentrate at ease to accomplish your further advanced yogic studies while surrounded by peace and nature.


Regular Fee

Please send us an eMail for more information


Please write us if you already completed one of our ATTCs or Yoga Nidra. The Overnight is limited to 12 participants. Book your spot on time! // Meals include Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner as well as tea breaks. All meals are veg & vegan.


Fill in the application form, and when you receive a confirmation email of your acceptance to the course, you can make the payment to reserve your place. Places are limited, so register now!