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Antastha Yatra - a 10 Day Yoga Process in Goa, India

15th to 24th February 2019

Antastha Yatra - a 10 Day Yoga Process in Goa, India

Antastha Yatra is purposefully a 10 day programme to allow the time for this intensive exploration and unfurling. Working through the journey, we guide you with a carefully designed programme of lectures, practices and processes. We recognise that  you are already whole, and will already be at a unique and special place in your life. You will bring with you the benefit of some obvious prior learnings and some more subtle influences which may not yet be visible. Our role is to help you to embrace all of this and you will simply move deeper. That means that elements of the process may seem effortless, and almost unnoticeable until you start to experience the difference in your overall feeling.

The journey can be challenging, especially in the early stages, as you work through the more superficial layers of your being, but it does not take too long before the right techniques and support from our expert teachers will smoothly guide you to your deepest essence, your own light.

To gain the most from its offering, we encourage you to enter Antastha Yatra with total surrender and with an intention to create a fuller life. Our approach is not only to recover our lives, but to prepare, rejuvenate and cultivate life.

How Antastha Yatra Works

Step One - Gaining Clarity
We use Svadhyaha, the yogic discipline of self study, combined with modern techniques to become aware of the current reality, our belief system and our patterns. We create great understanding and clarity about our own lives.

Step Two - Understanding Yoga
We explore, in a transparent way, how Yoga can improve our lives. We consider the different aspects of yoga, and how each are applicable to our emotions, behaviour, circumstances and health. Basically we create a real understanding how yoga works.

Step Three - Integrating Learning
We choose the most effective, applicable yoga techniques to create a difference in your life. We teach you how to implement and integrate these, both on and off your yoga mat. These tools will allow you, in time, to profoundly change your relationship with yourself and move towards happiness.

Retreat fee

€ 1.100 (without accommodation) 

€ 1.300 (hut with double bed and hot shower included) 

€ 1.420 (room with double bed and hot shower included) 


Course Content

The process draws on carefully selected, powerful elements of the vast field of yogic learning. This will include Svadhyaya (self-study), Antastha Kriya, and Patanjali’s concepts.  We will also integrate potent Hatha Yoga techniques such as Yoga Nidra, Antar Mouna, Tratka, breathings and Shoonya meditation. The experience will be integrated, thorough and deep. 

Duration of the Retreat: 65 to 70 hours

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Mandrem part in the North of Goa is very peaceful and known as the yoga beach, far away from the crowd, noise or any distractions of daily life. Wide white sand shore, swaying palm trees and warm Arabian Sea at your feet.

The Retreat is easy to reach and located in an inexpensive and safe area. Without worry you can enjoy fresh juices, fruit salads and Indian-Wester fusion meals in several restaurants and cafes close by the location of Retreat. In the breaks you can spoil yourself with beauty treatments and massages or rent a motorbike to explore the laid-back scene of cheerful Arambol. It is also the place, where to look for souvenirs and books to take with you back home.

The locals are friendly and accustomed to Western travellers, who have been visiting Goa for decades. The Portuguese colonial period has left a strong cultural heritage that you will experience is the cuisine, architecture and the Christian traditions, that locals cherish greatly.

Enjoy Yoga, soak up the sun and renew in one of the most relaxed places of India.

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Regular Fee

€ 1.100 /€ 1.300 / € 1.420 - depending on accommodation


Make sure to read and accept our Terms & Conditions before you sign up for any Training, Retreat, Workshop or Event. Thanks!
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