Create an Environment for Healing and Pain Reduction

by Anne Macnabb Nadjafi


Yoga classes and yoga practices are having a renaissance of what yoga can be useful for. Today’s yoga teachers can be regarded as one of the great alternatives for pain management, corrective exercises and to assist students in recreating a sense of well-being and balance in the body. Students come to yoga after years of not finding solutions to long-lasting problems hoping for a solution.

As one of our Teachers attests:

“… it happened just weeks after the ATTC (Yogalife Advanced Anatomy Training) and thank goodness I knew what he was talking about! I was able to give him practical exercises in class and to do at home. He came back to me last week and his wrist was no longer painful and no tingling in the hand – and the pain was much reduced! thank you sooooo much – now I feel much more confident with my students!”


This particular Teacher had a student with painful wrists, tingling near the thumb and a possible diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  It was painful for this student to perform any posture on the hands and wrists (i.e., down dog, plank, crow, handstand, cobra, etc.)  If he elected not to do these postures in class he would be missing out on important functional work of his skeletal-muscular system.  The Teacher gave this student simple massage of the myofascia of the forearm (finger extensor and flexor muscles), an “opening” exercise creating even space in the wrists, and then gentle strengthening exercises all learned in the Yogalife Advanced Anatomy Training.  A few weeks later the student demonstrated that the exercises had reduced his pain and he was able to practice the postures in class.

The successful yoga teacher masters his/her anatomical knowledge.  New information on the body and its functional positioning and corrective exercises comes out every year, and for any teacher it is a challenge to keep up with the information.  In the Yogalife Advanced Anatomy Training, we glean the most important advancements in anatomy and functional movement, paying specific attention to the fascia and other intricacies of the body. We equip our Teachers with the knowledge and understanding to help address many issues the students might be facing.  The yoga teacher in no way replaces medical treatment but can help students manage the imbalances and create an environment for healing and pain reduction.  Some of our Teachers even work alongside medical doctors and other health practictioners.  With a solid base in anatomy and corrective exercise, Teaching yoga can be a truly respectful field of alternative health.

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If you’re looking for an in-depth course on Anatomy for a Yogi, be sure to check out our “Advanced Anatomy for Yoga” course. It will bring you a lot of in-depth knowledge for you to improve your yoga classes.


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