At Yogalife we believe yoga is about uncovering your greatest resource – the untapped potential within you. Our goal is to empower you to discover who you are and what is essential in life. Take Yoga beyond asana’s and discover how tips and tricks about yoga can improve the quality of your life:

Silent Observation

It feels so right for me and I feel so well cared for there that I can hardly wait for the Yogalife Teacher Training to continue.

Unravel Yoga

Yoga is a physical, spiritual and meditative practice that helps us to cultivate unity and equilibrium between the physical body and the mind

I will become a yoga teacher

I am learning to get involved with something new, to question all my beliefs, and to see the world in a new light.

Swadhyaya: How to begin to study yourself

Why do yoga? For fitness, flexibility, stress-relief or well-being? All great reasons. But what those who come to yoga find, perhaps unexpectedly, is that yoga is a powerful tool to learn more about yourself.

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