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Sanjeev Bhanot, founder of Yogalife, after practicing and teaching yoga almost all his life, presents Antastha yoga. Antastha means the deepest, with the sense of going to the deepest place within through yoga, discovering your essence to renew your relationship with yourself. Antastha yoga focuses on the inner personal experience of the practice, on pratyahara, the withdrawal of the senses, to take away all distractions so you can go to the depths of your connection with yourself.

Antastha Yoga

Antastha Yoga

Over the history of yoga many styles of hatha yoga have formed coming out of the decades of experience of many teachers who have put an emphasis on different aspects of this ancient practice. Some are very focused on the physical aspect of yoga, others more on the spiritual and philosophical side, while still other styles focus on the healing power of yoga.

Antastha yoga is unique in using a blindfold to take away the distraction of the sense of sight. We get a lot of our information from our sight, being our biggest connection with the “outside”. When we can relax into sightlessness, we can relax into ourselves letting the outside world disappear for a while and exploring our inner world.

Central Nervous System

Sanjeev has developed different series within Antastha Yoga to stimulate the central nervous system, increase strength and flexibility and to awaken the flow of prana, the life-force, within the body.

Personal Development

Antastha Yoga is a process of self-discovery and continuous personal development.

What do you need

  • Comfortable clothes

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