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We are Yogalife

Yogalife was founded in 1999 to teach the ancient practice of yoga for good health, wellbeing and personal growth. Founded by Sanjeev Bhanot, Yogalife has grown successfully to train more than 1000+ teachers from 30 countries with recognition from Yoga Alliance (RYS - Registered Yoga School).

Our team includes members of an Indian yoga family and people from diverse international backgrounds, all united by a shared passion for yoga. We find strength in diversity with each person bringing their own unique expertise, combining Indian wisdom with modern knowledge, to live yoga in the modern world and support our students to do so too.

Yogalife is founded on the belief that yoga is a personal process. Through yoga you can learn to process your life experience, including all the joy, pain and challenges from a place of true wisdom.

Yoga Teacher Training Course

When you are ready to deepen and share your yoga practice, our Yoga Teacher Training Course can take you on a journey to the depth of yoga and self-discovery. We ask our participants to bring their life experiences and learning because we value all that makes us unique. The course brings a safe, challenging and transformational atmosphere, while going into the details of all that it takes to be a yoga teacher. By emptying yourself of yourself to allow something bigger to flow through you, your consciousness can expand, and you can discern wisdom from knowledge.

Our approach draws on a unique combination of static and dynamic asana practice, with deep meditation, pranayama and mind-body awareness techniques. You will learn the tools to empower yourself and your students to live healthier, happier and more conscious lives.

At Yogalife we don’t "make" teachers in one month, or in the time of the course. Our teaching methods bring your inner knowledge into conscious awareness. The power you will have as a teacher is connected to the knowledge and power you have gained throughout your life. We just help to bring out the teacher in you.

Workshops, Seminars and Retreats

With over 20 years of practice and over thousand hours of teaching, Sanjeev and his team applies the deep power and therapeutic effects of yoga to many fields of human endeavor.

In his intensive workshops, seminars and retreats for yogis all levels as well as his asana clinics, loved by yoga teachers, you will have the rare opportunity to work together with Sanjeev in order to to deepen what you have learned and to gain new insights. This experience will enrich your own practice as well as the work with our own students!

Look out in Events for current workshops and internationally available Yoga Alliance certified Teachers Training Courses.

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