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Yogalife Teacher Training Courses

Yogalife is offering a chance to discover the yoga teacher you are, as you join us to take the next step of your yoga journey. Yogalife Teacher Training Courses are your opportunity to benefit from our decades of experience in yoga and yoga teaching.

Our unique courses combine traditional yogic philosophy, modern science and expertise with practical teaching strategies, and a hands-on approach to facilitation and learning. Each Teacher Training Course (TTC) is led by highly-qualified and experienced Yoga Trainers.

Classes are structured around a finely-tuned balance of management, presentation, facilitation and coaching skills, providing the optimum environment for learning and self-development. At Yogalife, we empower you to teach from your heart. 

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Rather than “creating” teachers in a few weeks or months, we believe in helping you to uncover your inner teacher. Our teachings are non-dogmatic and focused on personal development.

Yogalife courses specialise in effective hands-on adjustments. Learning these adds a powerful new dimension to your practice and your teaching, enabling your students to deepen their physical practice and to increase their self-awareness.


Top 5 Reasons to do your Yoga Teacher Training with Yogalife

When you train with Yogalife, you gain a certification from us as a 200 hour Registered Yoga School (RYS) with a strong global presence recognised by Yoga Alliance USA. 

You also have the opportunity to:

1.  Access a thorough syllabus which covers Yoga Philosophy, Physiology of Hatha Yoga and teaching methodology

2.  Experience our asana clinic for hands-on adjustments and assists.

3.  Benefit from adult education techniques in an effective learning environment where you practise teaching from the very beginning.  

4.  Enjoy our focus on your own personal development and our commitment to helping you develop a teaching style of your own.

5.  Enroll in our Continuous Education Program (CEP) for opportunities to assist in future Teacher Training Courses to refine your skills.


Locations around the world

All our Yogalife Teacher Training Courses offer an invigorating and practical space to devote yourself to the study of yoga. Our courses are available in a range of locations, namely:

    •    TTC Ghent, Belgium
    •    TTC Brussels, Belgium
    •    TTC Zurich, Switzerland
    •    TTC Geneva, Switzerland
    •    TTC Stuttgart/Esslingen, Germany
    •    TTC Bonn, Germany
    •    Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course (ATTC) "The Body" Geneva, Switzerland (100hrs)
    •    Yoga Nidra Yoga Teacher Training Course, Brussels, Belgium (60 hrs)
    •    Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course (ATTC) Ibiza, Spain (100 hrs)

Looking forward to becoming an internationally certified Advanced Teacher? We are a 500 RYTS School.
For more info on our Advanced Yogic Studies, please contact us!

Coming soon
    •    TTC Intensive, Spain
    •    Mastering the Teachings, Advanced Teacher Training 40 hrs
    •    The science of the Breath, Advanced Teacher Training 40 hrs


*Please read Yogalife Terms & Conditions before signing up. Thank you!